United Colors of Summer 2016


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Hi there beautiful!

It’s been a while and it’s good to be back on blogging. As you know, I’ve have been busy because we decided to homeschool our daughter. At first, I thought I have more time to blog since I don’t have to drop and fetch her to school anymore, but I was wrong. Since it was our first year of homeschooling, it was a difficult and fun experience.  By the way, I have  a new blog about our homeschooling journey, you may find it here.


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Munting Aklatan No. 15

Team Soldao

When I was eight years old, we moved to Samar for good. We lived in a rural place where there is no electricity and there is no way you can go to the town except to pass on the rutty road. Life is hard there, especially I used to live in comfort in the city.

I am also talking about school life. I was grade three at the time I transferred school. There is a primary school in our baranggay, but when you are in the next level, you are forced to go to the next baranggay or town to attend school. It was hard to think that you are only grade four, walking on the rutty road (think about rainy days), carrying your bag that’s full of books and notebooks, a whole day at the school and I did those every day without skipping my classes. But what I…

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Sunday Inspiration


Hiya Gorgeous!

It’s been weeks that I haven’t dropped by in here. I just want to say… How are you? I hope everything is doing fine with you.

I had been on a crazy busy schedule all throughout summer. With all the busy summer activities and the preparation of the school opening class has been draining my stamina that I couldn’t drop by a simple “Hi!” in this blog. I think I have so much happening that I want to share, but first I want to share some inspirations to start our week ahead.


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ABS-CBN TVPlus – Ang Mahiwagang Blackbox


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Hey there lovely!

First of all, I am not a fan of watching a television. I rarely sat in a couch just to watch TV because I don’t like commercials, news, pinoy dramas and a bad reception. We don’t have cable connection so, some of the channels are vague.

When the ABS-CBN TVPlus was released a few months ago, I didn’t pay attention. I only watch my favorite TV show at iWantv because there is no commercial breaks and the show is really clear.

ABS-CBN TV Plus! (Ang Mahiwagang Blackbox)

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Swimming Lesson Marikina Area Part Two


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Summer fun has started when my daughter swims in her cousin’s house like almost every day using the inflatable pool, but I think nothing beats the fun when you enjoy swimming in a real swimming pool. That’s why I enrolled in a swimming lesson to learn the proper technique so that swimming will be more enjoyable.

big inflatable pool swimming

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Swimming Lesson Marikina Area


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Hello there halo-halo!

No one can deny that it really is summer and the most awaited season of the year. Time to travel, enjoy the school break and learn the new skills or engage in some activities like singing, dancing, swimming and etc. A perfect time to learn for both kids and parents just like me who wanted to learn how to swim.

Two weeks ago, I searched for affordable swimming lesson at OLX but, unfortunately the coach that I contacted was not always available. He was on a vacation until this very moment. My two weeks have gone wasted because of him. I am really eager to learn how to swim because I want to enjoy the summer vacation on the beach. So, I searched again and found Ricky on OLX. His rate is affordable for only 1,500Php, guaranteed you’ll learn how to swim.


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Ishigaki Plus Premium Glutathione Blend Review Part Two


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Okay, this is it! After thinking a thousand times, I have finally made a decision that I will be doing a continuation review of my previous post about the Ishigaki Plus Premium Glutathione Blend. And, of course the most requested the before and after photos. I have been browsing my phone for me able to find photos and luckily I found some.

Ishigaki plus before and after

‎January ‎2, ‎2015, ‏‎3:36:54 PM ~ Took this photo a few days before taking the Ishigaki Plus Premium Glutathione Blend. I didn’t wear make-up, just moisturizing cream, powder and tinted pink lip balm. As you can notice that I have uneven skin tone on my neck.

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CSV – My Friend!



Coconut Sap Vinegar (CSV) is really my friend. Why? All organic and natural products from my kitchen are all my friends. They are helping me to heal my body and giving me peace of mind every time I am preparing foods not for me, but to my family as well.

Before coconut vinegar become well-known just like Apple Cider Vinegar, I believe that I my ancestors are using this already. I came from a land of coconuts! I came from a family of coconut farmers where it is our main source of income.  That’s why, since I was a kid, I’ve already known the benefits of coconut plant from roots to tips. I grew up and witnessed that my grandma and mama are only using coconut vinegar to most our dishes.

“This coconut vinegar is made by aging (fermenting) coconut sap from coconut tree blossoms. This is raw, certified organic coconut vinegar made from the sap, not coconut water. (There is a huge difference between “sap” vinegars and “water” vinegars in terms of nutritional density.)” – Mike Adams

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Happy Birthday, Jess!

Hi there!

I was twenty-three years old when I was diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer. I was too young to face such horrible fact that I am a walking time bomb… that I am facing my death sentence too soon. But I was wrong. I changed my perspective in life in order for me to live my life to the fullest. From death sentence to life sentence mindset.

Birthday Cake Desktop Background
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