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Hi there beautiful!

It’s been a while and it’s good to be back on blogging. As you know, I’ve have been busy because we decided to homeschool our daughter. At first, I thought I have more time to blog since I don’t have to drop and fetch her to school anymore, but I was wrong. Since it was our first year of homeschooling, it was a difficult and fun experience.  By the way, I have  a new blog about our homeschooling journey, you may find it here.


Last March 20, I have joined the fun run at Roxas boulevard organized by RUNtarantantan. It was my first time to join such event and I had fun!


The Gang! 😀

I can’t remember the last time I run at the sports center in Marikina. Ever since I learn to swim, it’s been a cardio exercise to me. When my sisters-in-law invited me to join the fun run, I said ‘yes’ immediately. I registered together with them, hubby and my daughter. We decided to run at 3k because we have kids joiners.


All the runners have the medals, so my daughter was happy that she received one.


The reason why I joined together with my family was to inspire us to exercise more and to build a stronger body. When we were in Japan, my daughter keeps on complaining of being tired immediately because of walking endlessly. I told her, when we go back, let’s exercise more so that walking would not be a problem anymore. And in addition to that, I always dreamed to hike with them.

We all had fun as we run with colors! After the run there was a zumba party hosted by Ms. Regine Tolentino and the party-party hosted by Bearwin Meily. You can watch to event video here. Thanks to Running Photographers, RUNtarantantan and to my sisters-in-law for our groupie. 😉

Fit and fun,

❤ Jess

Running for something is more fun than running from something. – Jessica Walsh