Coconut Sap Vinegar (CSV) is really my friend. Why? All organic and natural products from my kitchen are all my friends. They are helping me to heal my body and giving me peace of mind every time I am preparing foods not for me, but to my family as well.

Before coconut vinegar become well-known just like Apple Cider Vinegar, I believe that I my ancestors are using this already. I came from a land of coconuts! I came from a family of coconut farmers where it is our main source of income.  That’s why, since I was a kid, I’ve already known the benefits of coconut plant from roots to tips. I grew up and witnessed that my grandma and mama are only using coconut vinegar to most our dishes.

“This coconut vinegar is made by aging (fermenting) coconut sap from coconut tree blossoms. This is raw, certified organic coconut vinegar made from the sap, not coconut water. (There is a huge difference between “sap” vinegars and “water” vinegars in terms of nutritional density.)” – Mike Adams

I couldn’t agree more with Mike. To be honest, I never knew that there was coconut vinegar made from coconut water not until last year my brother-in-law told me. He knows how to make a vinegar from coconut water and I discovered that vinegar from coconut water is not pure. He said there is a certain recipe on how to make a coconut water vinegar which is adding sugar and yeast to coconut water. So, coconut sap vinegar is literally different from coconut water vinegar.

Healthy Facts about Coconut Sap Vinegar

Coconut vinegar maybe better than Apple Cider Vinegar because it comes from naturally higher in minerals and other phytonutrients.

“It’s high in potassium, for example, and also quite abundant in a naturally-occurring probiotic called FOS. Although vinegar is chemically acidic, it is believed to create an alkalizing effect inside the body during digestion, probably due to its high content of alkalizing minerals.

Think about this, too: Coconut trees grow near mineral-rich ocean waters, so products derived from coconut trees are often very high in natural minerals (because the soils near the ocean are high in minerals themselves).

We all know that natural plant-based minerals offer supportive nutrition for human health, and these coconut tree products offer some of the best sources of naturally-occurring minerals anywhere.“ – Mike Adams

Tips on buying Coconut Sap Vinegar

Always buy from local or coconut farmer because it is definitely organic, fresh from the plant and very cheap. Imagine one gallon costs only 50Php. But if you’re living in the city you can visit the Salcedo Weekend Market, located at Jaime Velasquez Park, Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City. It’s open every Saturday from 7am to 2pm. But if happen you are living outside the Philippines you can visit the Asian Store, it’s definitely available there.

Uses of Coconut Sap Vinegar

  • Coconut vinegar adds healthy, delicious flavor to salads, veggies and most foods.
  • Ideal health drink.

coconut vinegar

  •  You can use for it for household cleaning. It is effective in removing clogs from drains and ungluing sticker-type price tags.

Have you tried using this kind of vinegar? Will you try to consider using this? Please tell me in the comment section below.



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