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A few months ago my husband told me about gluthathione supplementation was part of a cancer treatment before. It was a BFAD approved supplement for cancer patients. Well, I did not argue with him about this matter because it is obvious that gluthathione will surely help the body fight free radicals and other bad stuff in our body. When a person diagnosed with cancer it means the body is depleted with nutrients and flooded with toxins. So, supplementation of antioxidants and other anti-cancer stuff is crucial in healing.

Despite of eating more fresh produce, I still need supplementation of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. I am a firm believer of changing lifestyle, eating and drinking more fruits and vegetables, drinking water, lots of sleep, having positive outlook and exercise will help improve the quality of life. But to a person who was diagnosed with cancer and other degenerative disease, these are not enough. Supplementation is a must. I have been taking superfood supplements for more than a year now and it helped me managing pain, my energy increased and have good sleep especially when I was on radiation therapy. I am still taking superfood supplements as part of my detoxification as they help to detoxify the body of harmful radiation after exposure.

As part of my supplementation and detoxification I am considering adding glutathione! It is our body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent but because I was diagnosed with cancer, I believe that my body is not making enough of it. Glutathione also helps slow aging no wonder that once you take this you’ll have a healthy skin glow and some have fairer skin too. It’s health-supportive properties can make the difference between a vibrant and energetic life, maintaining youth and sustaining wellness. I say, its the ultimate health-supportive champion!

So, today I will be adding my supplement by taking glutathione and I am considering taking the Ishigaki Plus Premium Glutathione Blend. I will be writing about this product next time. (UPDATED: Ishigaki Plus Premium Glutathione Blend Review)

How about you, have you tried taking glutathione supplement? Any insights about this? Please let me know by commenting below.

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