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I’m loving December in general. Not only because it is the merriest season for me but also I am grateful for what I am having or experiencing as of the moment.

1. The Armando Caruso Multipurpose Piece of Cloth

Multipurpose scarf

This can worn as many ways as you want like neckerchief, headband, blind chicken, wristband, aliceband, scarf, fouland, balaclava, hairband, cap, mask and much more. I bought it at SM department store for only 79.75 pesos.

2.The Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil

Human Nature Sunflower oil

I have been using this oil for five years now. This is my next favorite oil from coconut and olive oil in general use like moisturizing, making scrubs and masks. I use this oil as a hair serum and sometimes my overnight moisturizer. But in this cold weather dry skin is unavoidable. My usual oils are not working anymore, so I have tried the Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil and it worked. It is a miracle oil indeed!

3. The Human Nature Lip Balms

Human Nature lip balms

My all time favorite lip balm is the Human Nature 100% Natural Lip Balm in Peppermint. When I am at home, it is my lip balm, however if I want to go out and I don’t want to wear a lipstick, I use the Human Nature 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm in Island Kiss. They are always in my pouch anywhere I go.

4. Converse All Stars

converse chuck taylor

December is one of the busiest season of the year. Shopping here, shopping there, shopping everywhere! Shopping takes a lot of walking, therefore a good pair of sneakers is a must.

5. Playing Play Dough


I’m a child at heart! My heart swells every time I am with the kids and surprisingly, I still enjoy  playing play dough. While doing this, my mind is only focused on how to be creative with my creations and to make fun with the kids. I believe that playing is not only for kids, but for adults as well. Most of us are too busy with our work and other commitments. We already forget about how to have fun and enjoy ourselves even in simple matters.

What’s on your love list at the moment? Share with us in the comments below!

Gratitude and Happiness,


I find happiness in the smallest things, I am unmoved by conflict and always demonstrate courage in the face of adversity. – Jess Ainscough