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You have invaded my body for so long and I think it’s time for you to leave. Though I am partly thankful that you came because you became my teacher and made me realized so many things in life. You have taught me on how to take care of my body inside-out, to be grateful and forgive in order to be happy, to love and be loved, and most importantly, how to live my life to the fullest and be in a present moment.

God sent you for a reason, but you can’t stay here forever.

You might be my greatest mountain as of a moment, but guess what? I have God! He is the mightiest of all and I am his daughter, therefore I have the DNA of a mighty and powerful king. My body is made of powerful and mighty cells. They are stronger than you thought.

You can leave my body now. You are not welcome here. This is the body of a daughter of God. This is a temple of God. Fright and leave now!


Cancer is not a death sentence, but rather it is a life sentence; it pushes one to live.

Please share this letter to someone you know who also diagnosed with cancer. It might help and inspire them to carry on. May health be with us all.