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Hi gorgeous,

I have watched this Dove commercial in Facebook and I think this is really interesting.

I don’t talk to anybody about my imperfections and neither to my daughter. It all started when I accepted myself … all my flaws and cancer at all. I treated my body with respect and love, and that’s the moment I truly feel happiness.

Now this explains why my daughter is always confident about herself. The way she looks, she dressed and most especially about her body. Whatever she hears from her playmates, all the names and the mockery because she is skinny, it doesn’t bother her at all, but instead she always said, “I am beautiful”.

She always wears a perfect smile even if she has no front teeth which her daddy and I find her cute. I hope she keeps this attitude when she grows up. Being on herself and not to be pressured by the society’s beauty standard which I find bullsh*t.

I have encountered this every now and then … some said I wasn’t beautiful because I am skinny and flaws, I have moles on the face and some people stare at me because I have stitches on my chin that I got from cancer surgery, but I don’t care what people think about me. I always stand up being proud of myself and believing that I am enough. My physical appearance doesn’t define who I am. I always keep saying to my daughter, just ignore what people say about you. You are beautiful enough and perfect just the way you are.

Have you seen this commercial? Any thoughts about this?

Beauty and Peace,


The way a girl feels about her beauty start with how you feel about yours.