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Hiya guys!

I had a nice sleep last night. Yippee! I woke up early that’s why I had the opportunity to get a free vitamin D. I went at the balcony, sat on the chair where there is a sun rise. While sitting on the chair I noticed that my garden balcony is full of unwanted grass. So, I decided to clean up and I started to have fun. My plan is only to get the grass, but I never noticed that I was replanting the baby aloe vera too. Holy cow! I love productive days!

Anyway, here is my juice yesterday and probably for today.

Sunrise Juice

Carrot-Cucumber-Ginger with Aloe Vera Juice


That’s it for today. I’ll be attending my mother-in-laws birthday.

Oh by the way, what are you juicing today?

Have a nice day,


Focus on being productive instead of busy.