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I took a “selfeet” to show my virtual support to the Climate Walkers who walked from Manila to Tacloban City to continue the call for climate justice.

I also did a liquid fast for two days. This is my simple way to support the climate walkers. Doing the fast while walking is not an easy job but they nailed it. Hats off climate walkers!

But my support never ends here. I am planning for a 30 days juicing to support my health and as well as mother nature. I am a trying hard vegan ever since my post cancer surgery. I love fruits and veggies in every meal but juicing is a different story. I have been juicing before but I have been lazy preparing the produce especially when I was doing a radiation therapy. So, today I’m into smoothies. It’s not a bad thing because I still consuming fresh produce but juicing is highly recommended to those who want to regain their health like me. I also believed that being a vegan has a great impact not only in ones health but as well as in the environment because they’re not supporting the meat industry which contribute negatively affects our soil, water and air.

I think by doing this is a win-win for me and the environment. Oh yeah! I am getting excited preparing for this challenge.

Have you done a life changing decision? Care to share?



Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent and committed decision. – Tony Robbins